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Who am I

Welcome to Heart For People, my name is Rolf and I am currently still working on my website to provide you with the best information possible about breath work and vitality in general. My origin is in breath work, healthcare and hospitality and I love blending all these experiences together. I feel that if you truly want to change something in your life it requires dedication, time and patience. 


The past 8 years I gave my own health and healing top priority, therefore I've learned a lot about people within different societies, about spirituality, health, general vitality, consciousness and I'm currently learning more about the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). I want to combine all of my experiences and apply them into the advise I'm giving to you. I want to help you to become the best version of yourself and increase the quality of your life and perhaps for your loved ones as well.​


Breath work is a perfect tool to help you into the right direction. If you wish to permanently change your life, you do need to have a closer look into your habits and patterns too. If not, you'll keep going around in circles and that's why I will fully support you by listening to what you’re looking for in life and what we can do together to get here.


I am already offering 1:1 sessions, partner sessions, group sessions and I am also organizing breath workshops for companies in collaboration with Sanela from Flow Agency Management.


Please use the below field to get in touch with me. In case you have any questions about the sessions, workshops or availability, please leave me some information in the 'Questions & remarks' field.


Wishing you a well balanced body, mind and spirit in 2023 💚

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