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“A journey of a thousand miles 
begins with a single step”

 - Lao Tzu

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Initial Connection Call

Do you wish to learn more about your own vitality or about breath work? Or maybe you just want to hear what the possibilities are for you? 

Please feel free to book an appointment for a -free of charge - initial connection phone or online call for approx. 30 minutes.

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In this life we tend to focus a lot on speed and unfortunately less on quality. Quick fixes provide short-term joy and they also fade fast. Instead, start trying to focus on longer lasting satisfaction.

Invest more time in yourself, get to know you, build confidence, and find inner peace from there.

With the right mindset, you'll embrace new opportunities, gain fresh perspectives, and you'll develop more fulfilling habits.

Quality life improvements will not come over night, quick fixes don't exist. True growth goes beyond one area. It's a daily commitment to a better life. 


From meditation to mobility practices and from breath work to mental wellness, I can help you achieve more balance. By ditching your old routines, you'll gain limitless rewards. Investing in yourself means healthier relationships, more freedom, and genuine joy. 

To me, life is not a destination, but an ongoing journey.
 Are you ready for your change?

Upcoming Events

  • Group Experience | New Moon | Cacao & Breath
    Group Experience | New Moon | Cacao & Breath
    Multiple Dates
    Fri, 05 Jul
    05 Jul 2024, 18:45 – 22:15
    Haarlem, Kinderhuissingel 4A, 2013 AS Haarlem, Netherlands
    Cacao, Breath & Sound Experience

Your Options

All 1:1 & Duo sessions can also take place in your own, safe surroundings

What are the benefits of breath work?
Why use this as a main tool for vitality?

Healing Stones
Relaxation vs. stress

Our breath is one of the most powerful, and the only natural tool, to reduce stress & anxiety by directly influencing the central nervous system.

Lung capacity

Everybody benefits when the condition of the lungs are in optimal state.  
Especially people with COPD, Asthma or other lung conditions. 
By optimally using the breath you clean the lower part of the lungs and therewith improve oxygen levels

Energy level

Constant practice of breathing exercises increases your energy and therewith boosts your immune system.


More relaxation and less stress makes the body's digestion much smoother. This has to do with the lower amount of Cortisol (stress hormon) in the blood and most of the time less sugar because of this


Better sleep helps to improve the restoration and vital functionality of the brains and body


Research shows us that being more conscious about the breath actually helps reducing the level of depression. 
Simply because of the fact that you are better able to step out of the ongoing 'train of thoughts' in your head and ground yourself easier.

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Naturally, I have always been someone who enjoys caring for others. I have a background within international Hospitality and in Healthcare.
I have discovered that breath work and guiding others through life's obstacles, through my own experiences, brings me immense fulfillment.

I feel that if you truly want to change something in your life it requires dedication, time and patience.

Breath work is a good tool to help you going into the right direction. 


My purpose is to awaken the consciousness of as many individuals as possible, guiding them to a deeper understanding of their bodies and effective treatment during challenging times. This transformative journey improves around the power of repetition, allowing new habits to replace old ones over time. Scientifically proven, we have the ability to create new neurological pathways, integrating positive patterns while releasing the grip of the past. It is essential in this fast changing life to invest time in self-discovery, researching the root causes of our challenges rather than just addressing their surface-level consequences.



What other people say about
their experiences

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Tessa, 38

In English, the provided text translates to:

"Breathwork has taught me to stay in touch with my body, especially in challenging situations. Through breathing, I have been able to confront and process deep aspects, as it set trauma in my body in motion. I experienced Rolf as a facilitator of a breath circle as caring, present, relaxed, and sensitive."

Tim, 37

The session has truly given me good energy, more peace, and connection. I dream much more than before, and in those dreams, many old events surface. Your comments motivate me to think positively about them, to engage with them, to dare to laugh and shine, and to be proud of everything I have achieved.

Patrick, 40

The session with Rolf was in a small setting and very accessible and relaxed. Even days after the session, I still can't believe what deep breathing can do to you. It was truly like entering a kind of trance.

Since it was the first session, I noticed that I had some difficulty fully surrendering myself. That's why I would like to do it again, and perhaps on a regular basis. It felt a bit like maintenance for your body/mind.

Silvia, 33

Rolf is truly outstanding! He knows exactly what exercises you need during breathing sessions. As a result, you experience the best from your breaths and feel completely rejuvenated afterward. The exercises he provides for use afterwards are also very easy to apply anywhere, making you feel less stressed. Definitely recommended for anyone looking to give it a try or gain more experience with breathing techniques.

Esmée, 28

So far, I've had two breathwork sessions with Rolf, and I highly recommend him. He quickly establishes a safe, warm, and pleasant environment. The structure of the session, from start to finish, is enjoyable. He has a keen sense of what you need and provides support accordingly. Both sessions have greatly contributed to processing various events and emotions. It is an intense but especially a remarkable experience that I wish for everyone.

I look forward to the next one!

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