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Breath & Vitality

What are the options?

@ Work
In corporate settings, I conduct workshops that prioritize self-care and foster connections among employees. Many professionals tend to overlook their well-being, often neglecting their own needs. Through engaging and enjoyable methods, I help individuals reconnect with themselves and build stronger connections with their colleagues. By nurturing these connections, I believe we can positively transform workplaces, fostering collaboration between departments and creating a harmonious collective. These workshops contribute not only to individuals but also to the overall growth and success of the organization.
These corporate team experiences play a role in enhancing not just individual development but also in fostering the organization's overall growth and achievements. In collaboration with Sanela Kaknjo from Flow Agency Management, we aim to facilitate holistic organizational advancement. We achieve this not only by guiding organizations in discovering feasible initiatives, but also by providing diverse solutions including sound healing, breath work, yoga, and other mindfulness experiences.

1:1 Coaching

For companies, I can help team members become more balanced, relaxed and focused. 1:1 programs for team members can booked by the company or by individuals who want to bring in their A-game to work.


In addition to this, I offer personalized coaching experiences for individuals and/or couples, tailored to meet your specific needs. I also organize group breath work circles in various locations, with the intention to expand my reach across Europe and beyond.

I actively participate in retreats, festivals and gatherings to offer breath work & cacao experiences. These environments provide fertile ground for creating a powerful collective energy field, allowing us to make significant strides in expanded awareness and reach a broader audience. I also value collaborations with practitioners from different healing modalities, as their unique perspectives enrich our offerings and enhance the transformative experience for participants when combined.
If you would like to collaborate please get in touch with me.


Together, let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and transformation through the power of breath.

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