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My mission
To (re-) connect people with themselves and with others from the heart by going inward

About Heart for People

The idea behind this company and its name has been alive for some years already and eventually got shaped into todays form, especially during the last 6-8 years while working on my personal development.

After giving my own health and healing top priority I've learned a lot about human beings within different societies, about spirituality, health, general vitality, consciousness and I'm constantly learning more about the more traditional Eastern medicine. Moreover on how to combine and apply all of this into the journey you will be going through, so you know how to become the best version of yourself and make your life (more) enjoyable for yourself and perhaps for your loved ones around you.

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Of course the heart has a clear presence in everything that has to do with Heart for People; its the basic of life and our first real brain. Without oxygen, there's no heart beat and no life. Living life from the heart leads to a true connection with yourself and from that core you're better able to connect with others.

Besides the heart there's also the butterfly, my spirit animal which represents the transformation process from being a caterpillar, growing into a beautiful and colorful butterfly spreading her wings. Besides transformation she stands for the beginning of (new) life, the start of a new process or the birth of a new chapter in your life.

So you can grow from there, to start giving into a different approach and to strengthen the fulfillment of that new chapter or life, the butterfly.

Image by Maximilian Jaenicke

About Rolf

My mission is to guide you on a profound journey of self-reconnection. Together, we'll rediscover the harmony between your physical body, heart, emotions, and intuition. This transformative process will empower you to forge a path of resolute decisions, free from doubt, and in alignment with the wisdom that resides within your heart.

By unveiling your true self, you will awaken a newfound strength that enables you to foster genuine connections with others. In a world yearning for authenticity, I am committed to nurturing heartfelt bonds that honor the essence of who we truly are.

Join me in embracing this mission to transform your life and create a ripple of meaningful connections that resonate with the depths of your being.


I see myself as a bridge, as a facilitator, bringing people together who seek alternative healing approaches with experienced practitioners in the realm of holistic well-being. My intention is to introduce you to the profound power of breath work, a natural medicine that holds transformative potential for the body, mind, and spirit. Through simple yet powerful tools, I aim to guide and support you on your unique journeys of personal growth and expansion.


I integrate my experiences and wisdom from my time in the hospital as doctor's assistant together with the principles of more traditional Holistic Eastern practices, specifically the harmonizing forces of the 4 seasons and the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. My goal is to achieve a state of balanced energy where body, mind, and spirit receive the attention they deserve, fostering holistic well-being and abundant growth.


My Clients

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